A mouthwatering collaboration

Chefs Warehouse
at Maison

We’re delighted to welcome Chefs Warehouse to the Maison Estate.

Chefs Warehouse at Maison will open its doors on 26 November 2017, serving their unique blend of ‘global tapas’ inspired food in our picturesque, newly renovated farmhouse setting.

This new restaurant, which replaces The Kitchen at Maison, is chef Liam Tomlin’s fourth eatery, and the opportunity to collaborate with his team makes perfect sense. Chefs Warehouse shares our values of creating an exceptional food and wine experience in inspiring locations and combining Chefs Warehouse’s unique menu with Maison’s award-winning wines is a match made in culinary heaven.

Read more about Chef’s Warehouse at Maison.

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The Tasting Room

A taste of the Good Life

Isaac Newton once said, “Nature is pleased by simplicity.” We like to think Nature would be delighted with our winemaking process. Our acclaimed wines are created with a handful of indispensible ingredients: grapes, yeast, and time – several months, in fact – in small French oak barrels. Our simple, no frills approach has produced a range of wines with unrivalled depth and character. Visit the Tasting Room at Maison to experience them for yourself.

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