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Could love possibly find impediments here? We – humbly – think not.

Maison is just beautiful for a wedding.

Porcini the pig (our pet and mascot), snuffling around the citrus orchard, chickens clucking in the coop adjacent to the ‘main tables’ in the garden, the faintest breeze fluttering the leaves of the centuries-old oaks. The pace at Maison is so easy, it asks nothing of you but to enjoy being in the company of friends – and relax as if this were your own home.

The interior, personally conceived by Chris Weylandt and his partner Kim Smith, is utterly simple, completely undemanding. The absence of any frippery fills you up: natural wood furniture, an open patio, everything perfectly placed.

The beauty of a wedding – or any other special celebration at Maison – is the feeling of simplicity and sense of authenticity that makes it impossible to stand on ceremony.

In preparing your celebration feast, chef Arno Janse van Rensburg harvests wild sorrel, pears, plums, naartjies and a host other fresh ingredients from the orchards and kitchen gardens on the farm itself.

Together with our delicious Maison wines, pleasant staff and the people you love most, the life that exists in the details at Maison could make this one of the happiest days of your life.


  • The venue accommodates 80 guests, seated. By arrangement, an informal canopy in the garden will make it possible to increase your head count. Please talk to our manager, Julian.
  • Maison is available for functions from August to June. In the summer your party will naturally want to spill over into the garden – in winter, we light log fires to give it a sense of containment and a cosy, cosseted feel.
  • Choose from a selection of chef Arno’s set menus.
  • We serve Maison wines, in addition to a range of other liquor and beverages, by arrangement.

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