Taste and compare Maison’s Shiraz through the years. From 2010 through to 2011 and 2012. Wonderful as a gift – or as little thank you token to yourself, perhaps?




R1000 per pack. 

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Neat, polished, crafted.

Velvety in character, this meticulously finessed limited edition Shiraz is wrapped up with unexpected flavours like white pepper, cherry and chocolate. The scent of violets wafting through. This big hearted wine comes with an unending desire to give all good things the time and respect they deserve.


R140 per bottle.
R600 per case of 6 bottles.

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Some say our Shiraz is distinctly spicy, with notes of berry, cherry and white pepper. Others suggest whiffs of liquorice and dark chocolate. Foodies recommend it be paired with Mexican or full-flavoured foods and red meats. All I can say, is that it’s best enjoyed from an oversized glass in the company of friends and family, and paired with great conversation.


R150 per bottle.
R900 per case of 6 bottles.

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Whatever your relationship with Chardonnay, a time will come when you will want to revisit its pleasures. Our Maison Chardonnay is one
of these. Put before you to rekindle the joy. With crisp apple, gentle white pear and old oak adding woody depth. And the personal thumbprint of our seasoned winemaker on the other side. A symbol of his attention to detail and the uniqueness of this limited edition wine.


R150 per bottle. Limited quantity.
R900 per case of 6 bottles.

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Our Maison Viognier is a true labour of love. Masterfully crafted by our seasoned winemaker, it captures perfectly the fragrant fruitiness and textured oak of this exotic, somewhat enigmatic, varietal. Our limited edition Viognier 2013 is made from carefully selected grapes fermented in three French oak barrels. You’ll notice that every handmade bottle of Viognier bears the vintner’s thumbprint. It’s a symbol of his attention to detail and the uniqueness of this special, limited edition wine.


R180 per bottle.

R1080 per case


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In the trade, our Chenin Blanc is referred to as ‘single vineyard’. For us, this means that we planted, grew and nurtured the grapes that went into our wine. The result is very personal. A light, bright colour that reminds us of early morning on Maison. A tropical citrus nose that conjures up summer days. The rich taste, a memory of long, relaxed lunches with family and friends.


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Similar in taste to French sauterne wine, our dessert wine got its name on account of how it’s made, the old fashioned way. We pick our chenin grapes in the late summer then lay them down in the open air on straw, beneath the vines. We turn them and turn them until they’re super-sweet and ripe. Then we press them. The result is a dessert wine with delicious hints of honey, raisins and candy. While Maison Straw Wine is unarguably good as a dessert wine, our tasting manager Alice Mfundisi insists its joy doesn’t end there. Since it’s less syrupy and not quite as sweet as most dessert wines, it also makes a great aperitif, with foeie gras or blue cheese.


R180 per bottle.

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Limited edition Méthode Cap Classique: Blanc de blanc.

Aged since 2009. Crafted with skill and respect.

Zero dosage: clean, pure, naked.


2010 vintage coming soon.

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